In the movie industry it’s rare that the third film on the same theme is very good – Home Alone 3, Die Hard 3, even the Godfather III had its flaws, and the same can be said for Lockdown III in the UK.

The message was clear – stay at home, which for me is a fairly rural area consisting mainly of country lanes, paddocks and the occasional working farm. Coupled with the cold, wet weather of winter it meant that few people have been outside, and it’s all been a bit challenging for photography.

Usually I would have driven into a nearby city or even ventured into London but it clearly wasn’t appropriate during this lockdown.

All of which meant that during my walks over the past month or so I’ve been taking portraits of trees, often the same trees in different light.

It struck me that trees have a persona, a presence and a style that is enhanced in different weathers. The wild child, the statesman, the chic, the stubborn – they all seem to convey something unique about themselves.