Visual Branding

How I approached a series of portraits from a visual branding perspective. Spotify states: Any artist who thinks they can build a career just on the merit of their sound would be wise to take a glance back at history. From Elvis’s hypnotic hips to the Rolling Stones’ impudent tongue logo to Madonna’s outré Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bras, […]

What is photography?

We all take photographs but what is photography? Why does this matter? Because with documentary photography, and even business documentary, our objective is to convey information to the viewer and to do that effectively we need to understand where to put the four sides of our image.

Thinking Photography

Thinking Photography – for some photographers, editing and sequencing are the least enjoyable part of the work, but it’s the part of the process when the story is actually created.

Looking for visual interest

Visual Interest of a social house apartment block

When it comes to business photography or corporate photography, often the biggest challenge is to find visual interest in the subject we are photographing.

Writing great photography proposals

Portrait of Artist Brian Davey painting in his studio

Photography proposals require time, effort and imagination. My advice is to always start with a blank document. A proposal is not just for one project, it’s about the potential to build a relationship that may last for years.

Visual Storytelling for Photographers

Raimes Vineyard, budding the vines

Visual Storytelling – The power of an image to stimulate the imagination so that the eye and brain read a story from what can be seen has been used to inform, motivate, educate and exploit since the beginning of humanity.