making Documentary photography book

Making Documentary Photography is a book for photographers who want to explore the documentary genre.

It is not unusual for people to start their photography journey with Street Photography or Portraits and then want to practice creating visual narratives in a documentary style.

I started my career in film and video creating documentaries on subjects as varied as the police, wildlife conservation, historic building renovations and the day in the life of a Hampshire village.

The transition from the moving image to the still image isn’t as simple as it might seem but I quickly learned that a visual narrative without an audio track offers more freedom and creativity.

The book has been writing itself for years. Firstly I’ve had to explain on numerous occasions what documentary photography is (or at least my definition of it), and then how I approach making a documentary project, from having an idea to making it happen. During workshops (which you can find here) it has been clear that photographers want practical advice and that is what I hope the book delivers.

Softback copies are £9.50 including UK delivery.

To buy a copy please contact me here.

making documentary photography book by Andrew Cameron