Projects, Notes and Observations

This is where I write about my documentary photography projects and other aspects of photography that interest me.

You can view galleries of latest projects at ShootProof by clicking the links below:

ESG Communications

A report by KPMG stated that most companies plan to spend more on ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives in the next three years but that poor ESG Communications are an

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County Farms Project

In its report ‘Reviving County Farms’ the authors, CPRE, state that ‘County farms are smallholdings owned by local authorities and originally intended to be let out to young and first-time

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AI Generated Image

AI and Photography

The featured image of this blog was AI generated. I used Google to identify a free online application, entered a few words and seconds later an image was generated that

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Two exhibitions

Palermo Mon Amour I was in Turin recently and whilst there visited two photography exhibitions that were very different. I’m a big fan of Letizia Battaglia and I knew that

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