Notes, Observations and Advice

This blog is where I write about aspects of photography, highlight specific personal photography projects and share my experiences.

Two exhibitions

Palermo Mon Amour I was in Turin recently and whilst there visited two photography exhibitions that were very different. I’m a big fan of Letizia Battaglia and I knew that

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Social Impact Photography

CSR Photography

Despite the pressures of rising costs that are squeezing the margins of businesses, I’ve spent much of this year on CSR photography; working with businesses who want to engage their

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The Leader’s Lens

I created The Leader’s Lens as a way of using photography to help individuals reflect on their leadership style and then share their story as part of a collective experience. It

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Visual Branding

How I approached a series of portraits from a visual branding perspective. Spotify states: Any artist who thinks they can build a career just on the merit of their sound

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What is photography?

We all take photographs but what is photography? Why does this matter? Because with documentary photography, and even business documentary, our objective is to convey information to the viewer and

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Thinking Photography

Thinking Photography – for some photographers, editing and sequencing are the least enjoyable part of the work, but it’s the part of the process when the story is actually created.

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Effective Employee Engagement at Waitrose

Effective Employee Engagement

Every business wants to achieve and deliver an Effective Employee Engagement strategy, it drives productivity and loyalty but it isn’t easy. Photography can help and I explain how here.

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