County Farms Project

In its report ‘Reviving County Farms’ the authors, CPRE, state that ‘County farms are smallholdings owned by local authorities and originally intended to be let out to young and first-time farmers, sometimes at below-market rents. They are a vital ‘first rung on the farming ladder’ for newcomers to a sector that has high up-front capital […]

Film Noir Photography Workshop

Film Noir Photography Workshop

Film Noir is a style of movie that came to prominence in the 1940s and 1950s and was heavily influenced by the German films of the 1920s, known as German Expressionism. I remember as a student first watching a VHS of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and being struck by the crisp angular shadows and […]

Documentary photography project about homelessness

Documentary photography project highlighting the growing issue of homelessness In October the homeless charity, Stonepillow, allowed me access to their facilities to see the work they do and meet the people they support, their clients. This is the beginning of a year long documentary photography project about homelessness, the varying causes of homelessness and how, […]

Documentary photography assignment

Documentary Photography for FSMU Last week I travelled to Uganda with a British educational charity, Okwasa and FMSU, who currently support two schools in a rural parish in Eastern Uganda a few miles from Busembatia, and a house for former orphaned students in nearby Jinja. My role was to document the school, the students and […]

CSR Photography

Social Impact Photography

Employing documentary photography to document CSR impact Despite the pressures of rising costs that are squeezing the margins of businesses, I’ve spent much of this year on CSR photography; working with businesses who want to engage their employees with corporate sustainability objectives, or CSR, or ESG, or whatever else they may call it. I’ve been […]

Thinking Photography

Great photographers are also editors – they are always thinking photography “I don’t just take photographs, I think.” Don McCullin Storytelling requires thinking photography Thinking photography is about about making considered decisions from the outset of a project so as to end up with the story you want to tell. Like all stories, documentary is […]

Film Noir Photography – 6 Images Analysed

Man holding gun at top of stairs with deep shadows on wall

In this article, I’m going to analyse 6 film noir images. But before I do that, let me just clarify what is unique about this particular style of photography… What is Film Noir Photography? Film Noir describes a genre or style of movies that enjoyed their heyday during from the 1940s and 1950s. They were […]